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Mar 27,  · After finishing the second book (Chamber of Secrets) Sirius decides it prudent to deliver some corporal punishment to Harry, twenty spanks to be specific. The justification being that Harry put himself in harms way willingly (a pretty fucking dumb reason to spank a kid all things considered). Sirius Black is a magical bounty hunter following the war. His main goal is to capture Peter Pettigrew, his former best mate. Even though James and Lily survived, Pettigrew’s betrayal led to his brother’s and the Longbottom’s deaths.

Books Harry Potter. Follow/Fav Azkaban or Childhood? By: What if he was put in the care of Sirius Black? Co-written with the lovely Halo'n'Horns. Warning: Will be diciplinary spanking in this. "On the contrary, I recall telling you that when you got home you would be getting a proper bare bottom spanking." Sirius replied. Harry's Punishment Chapter 1 Please bend over the desk. I believe they will be Professor Snape, my father, former Professor Lupin, Potter's godfather Sirius Black, and myself. Why you? Because I am Potter arch rival of course. told you to spank him until he is nice and red. I will be coming down to inspect after my rounds, so he better.