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Dick Armey’s vocal support for amnesty is starting to cause him problems with the Tea Party folks. From Politico: But the Armey attack that seems to be getting the most traction on the right is related to his stance on immigration reform, which many conservatives view as the next major front in Author: Mark Krikorian. Mar 02,  · Dick Armey of Freedomworks (The group trying to take control of the Tea Party Movement) supports AMNESTY for illegal aliens and Armey says the Tea Party movement is about "Free Markets" aka NAFTA and CAFTA.

Dick Armey -- labeled as the "uber-organizer of the tea party movement" by a reporter today -- seems to have labeled as "goofy" most of the grassroots citizens attending tea party events. Armey showed his disdain in a speech at the National Press Club for all those who oppose comprehensive amnesties for millions of illegal aliens and who oppose importing millions of foreign workers during a. Americans and NumbersUSA disagree on amnesty with Dick Armey At a recent National Press Club meeting former Republican Congressman and Tea Party Express affiliate, Dick Armey exposed his left-leaning tendencies by expressing his support for amnesty. However most Tea Party groups vehemently oppose amnesty and the costs that go hand in hand with.

Republican lobbyist and astroturf maestro Dick Armey said last week the Republican Party has alienated the “Hispanic vote” by opposing amnesty for illegal aliens. All the evidence says just the opposite is true, but hey, the truth is not as sexy and won’t make headlines. In the name of “Hispanic outreach,” many influential Republican strategists [ ]. As for the last part, there's a reason why the Democrats support massive immigration: it gives them more power. Dick Armey would help the Democrats expand their power base, leading to bigger government and the opposite of what he claims to want.

“Dick Armey of FreedomWorks (The group trying to take control of the tea party movement) supports AMNESTY for illegal aliens,” charged an e-mail that circulated widely in tea party circles this month from ALIPAC, a political action committee supporting mostly Republican candidates who advocate tighter immigration restrictions. “Does this Author: Kenneth P. Vogel. Link The plan received support from neo-cons such as pro-amnesty former Congressman and Freedom Works founder Dick Armey. Link However, it attracted criticism from conservatives such as Phyllis Schlafly and Pat Buchanan, who viewed Pence as lending “his conservative prestige to a form of liberal amnesty.” They were right!