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Jul 28,  · I've understood that most men unconsciously contract their PC muscle during masturbation and/or sex. I caught myself doing that too. I've also read that you need to learn to relax the PC muscle during sex to last longer. As I want to last longer, I want to know if relaxing the muscle is the same als doing a reverse kegel? Sep 16,  · I've been doing a kegel workout for about a year, four days a week. I notice that while having sex with my girlfriend I do ejaculate much more *** than before but I don't understand how the exercise is intended to make me "last longer and stay hard longer". Am i supposed to flex my PC muscle rite before i ejaculate? do i flex it while i ejaculate? do i try to not flex it at all ever?Followers: 6.

Having either during sex and foreplay is 10x harder, but once you can do it on your own, here’s how to have multiple orgasms during sex. So in order to stop yourself from ejaculating, you need to develop a strong PC muscle. The easiest way to do that training is to use an app called Stamena. Jul 30,  · Just work it out (your pc muscle). In time you will be able to have more control over it. Also practise reverse kegels. During sex do not tend to kegel and relax your pc by doing reverse ones.

May 28,  · Work your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. These three sets of muscles run like a hammock from the back to the front of your pubic bone, encircling the openings to the vagina and the rectum. "During. Sep 10,  · The pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is the muscle that stretches from your pubic bone to the bottom of your spine. Strengthening the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle can help both sexes treat urinary and fecal incontinence, as well as helping men avoid 97%(40).