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Jul 23,  · But as Sex Pistols co-founder, songwriter and longtime bassist Glen Matlock tells Q New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke, the band members are generally happier with one another when they're focusing on their own separate Andrew Magnotta @Andrewmagnotta. The original Sex Pistols bass player with the stories behind "Anarchy In The UK" and "Submission" - a song that was supposed to be about bondage that ended up being about a submarine. Although bassist Glen Matlock did not appear on Never Mind the Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols (save for one.

Jun 05,  · Glen Matlock, original bassist in the Sex Pistols, who later worked with everyone from Iggy Pop, the Damned, and the Faces, comes to Southern California for a Author: Peter Larsen. Feb 07,  · Glen Matlock (born 27 August , Paddington, West London) is an English bass guitarist most famous for being in the original line-up of the punk rock band the Sex Pistols.

Sep 14,  · Glen Matlock: 'Leaving the Sex Pistols cost me millions of pounds' Fame & Fortune: Glen Matlock and his band mates used to steal bread from milkmen before they got a record deal. Mar 13,  · The Sex Pistols might have granted Matlock fame, wealth and musical cache and, indeed, many artists have retired on less, however, Matlock is still playing shows, still drawing in Author: Paul Carr.

Mr. Matlock explains. Additional reading at this fan site and at his Facebook page. BY DAVE STEINFELD. Among the many “what if” questions that abound in rock and roll’s year history, it’s interesting to wonder what might have happened if Glen Matlock had not left The Sex Pistols. Nov 16,  · Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols talks with Charles Brownstein of about the records that influenced him over the years. Shot at Zulu Records in Vancouver, BC.