Astral Cheating? - is astral sex cheating


is astral sex cheating -

Jun 07,  · Is astral/spirit sex with another being while in a monogamous relationship on this plane morally correct? Or is it cheating? Is astral/spirit sex with others bad for one's relationship with their SO? Or, could it actually be beneficial, as suggested by one person's opinion above? Does/should monogamy only apply to the realm one's SO resides in? Astral/Corporeal Sex There is also a way to engage in sex where one person is astral (out of body) and one person is still in the body. If you are astral, you can go visit someone and attempt to merge your energy with theirs while they are sleeping (it won’t work if .

Jun 20,  · So how do you actually go about having astral sex? if you bump into someone who isn’t your partner while you’re roaming the astral plane, would it be cheating to have sex with them?Author: Rebecca Reid. Is Astral or Dream Sex Considered Cheating? My radio/podcast with Gabreael went great on Wednesday! We had a blast chatting it up about astral sex, Whispers Media, and more sex! I think though that I misunderstood a question. I took her to ask: Do I believe in nymphomaniacs?

astral realms you are at the very peak of "self" and if you are out there having sex while you have someone you "supposedly" love next to you in bed, you are cheating them out of an experience that should be shared with them, otherwise, remain alone! Astral sex is the ability for your astral energy body to astral travel or via astral projection, by separating from the physical body and merging with another energy source/soul/person. When the two or more energies merge, astral sex occurs.