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I offer Lupron Depot® to kids who haven’t finished their pubertal development or started their periods I offer Lupron Depot® to kids who are distressed by libido, periods, erections I offer spironolactone for the other MTFs to prevent beard growth I broach topic of semen cryopreservation. Jan 31, 2019 · Lupron overstimulates the body's own production of certain hormones, which causes that production to shut down temporarily. Leuprolide reduces the amount of testosterone in men or estrogen in women. Lupron is used in men to treat the symptoms of prostate cancer.Leuprolide only treats the symptoms of prostate cancer and does not treat the cancer itself.Drug class: gonadotropin releasing hormones.

Lupron does have a history in treating a condition called ‘precocious puberty,’ which is what happens when a child’s body enters puberty too quickly for his or her age. However, this is a clinical condition typified by concentrations of sex hormones deemed wildly abnormal in the course of normal development. 2 Pharmacy Medical Necessity Guidelines: Leuprolide Acetate COVERAGE GUIDELINES The plan may authorize coverage of leuprolide acetate injection, Lupron Depot, Lupron Depot-Ped or Eligard for Members when all the following criteria are met: Central Precocious Puberty (Lupron Depot-Ped) 1. Documented diagnosis of central precocious puberty AND 2.

Jun 22, 2013 · So I found a urologist in the hospital where I work(SO CONVENIENT!!) that is willing to do an orchiectomy for me. But she requires that I take a lupron injection first and wait a few months. I don't know any people that took this injection except one person online who is also a mtf trans and she said she feels amazing after it. But I also saw stories of biological women who complained about Status: Open. Jun 24, 2013 · Within its clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of transsexual persons, One medication prescribed to transgendered adolescents is Lupron Depot or Leuprolide Acetate, which is used to treat a diversity of conditions, including endometriosis, prostate cancer, and 'central precocious puberty,' when children begin puberty too soon.

Lupron is a brand name for the injection drug leuprolide, used to treat endometriosis and fibroids in women and manage advanced prostate cancer symptoms in men.. It’s also available under the. LUPRON DEPOT ® (leuprolide acetate for depot suspension) 7.5 mg for 1‑month, 22.5 mg for 3‑month, 30 mg for 4-month, and 45 mg for 6‑month administration are prescribed for the palliative treatment of advanced prostate cancer.; LUPRON DEPOT is a prescription medication that must be administered in your doctor’s office. Please see Important Safety Information you should know about.