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Jul 11,  · A bill now before Congress (H.R. / S. ) would criminalize negative comments concerning homosexuality, such as calling the practice of homosexuality a . This is a list of gay, lesbian, and bisexual Americans in the U.S. Congress. As of January , there were ten openly LGBTQ members of the th Congress – all Democrats. This list only includes people who are openly LGBTQ or were outed in obituaries. Current members of Congress are shaded in gray.

Homosexual groups have launched an attack on Sen. Renfroe for opposing the bill and reading scripture aloud. Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, issued a statement blasting. The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, (previously called the "Kill the Gays bill" in the western mainstream media due to death penalty clauses proposed in the original version) was passed by the Parliament of Uganda, on 20 December with life in prison substituted for the death penalty. The bill was signed into law by the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni on 24 February Territorial extent: Whole of Uganda.

A controversial bill that bans bias against homosexuals, transgenders, and bisexuals in public schools was passed on Thursday by the California Senate, unleashing a wave of concern through those opposed to normalizing homosexuality. SB went through by a vote, and would prohibit all classes. Kindly, homosexuality is a filthy sin. Please understand that the intent of this article is NOT to condemn homosexuals; but rather, to take a Biblical stand against the sinful Homosexual Agenda, especially their threat against our children in this perverse and wicked generation. I make no .

Feb 23,  · They take something that ISN’T a sin and try to directly associate it with something that IS a sin. And this bill will be something neat and handy to use against every Christian that preaches against homosexuality or tries to convert a homosexual: you know discriminating against homosexuals is a . Gay rights-related bills in the U.S. Congress. You’ve cast your vote. Now what? Join 10 million other Americans using GovTrack to learn about and contact your representative and senators and track what Congress is doing each day.