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Dec 01,  · Placing the sutures at the far lateral undermined edges should be avoided owing to a tendency for dimpling of the overlying skin. If 1 fascial plication suture is used, this may be placed in the vertical midline of the wound; otherwise, a series of multiple evenly spaced plication sutures may Cited by: 4. Jul 15,  · Instead, the "Abdominal Fascia Plication " consists in a Tummy Tuck (a bikini line incision) through which we can close the Ventral Diastasis with Plication, and also place a non absorbable net of polipropilene to reinforce the abdominal wall. At the end of this procedure you will have a normal abdominal shape, and better aesthetic results.

Jul 03,  · The SMAS is plicated by pulling it back over itself. The SMAS plication is performed using an absorbable or Vicryl suture, a nonabsorbable suture such as a or polyester suture, or a or Prolene suture on an FS-2 needle. By plicating the SMAS onto itself and staying below the zygoma, injury to the facial nerve is avoided. Apr 05,  · PLICATION OF RECTUS FASCIA. Maarit Posted Wed 04th of April, PM. We need to pre-authorize the procedure below. Should we go with unlisted and use as a reference (if unlisted are accepted?) The only code with a mention to fascial plication is , but this is an add on code and needs with it.

Next, approximately 4 cm of fascial plication were carried out with interrupted figure-of-eight 0 Nurolon followed by running Vicryl. The rectus sheath was then injected with 20 mL of % Marcaine with , epinephrine on each side for a total of 40 mL. The abdomen was then re irrigated. Fascial plication causes the movement of tissue without direct tension and vascular compromise on involved skin. This may be referred to as tissue drag. The tissue, once dragged toward the closure point by fascial movement, may often be stretched a further distance. Only the tension caused by stretching affects the vascular viability of the aladura.info by: 6.

Jul 03,  · As the SMAS courses over the deep temporal fascia, it is commonly labeled the temporoparietal fascia or superficial temporalis fascia. It contains the superficial temporal artery and frontal branch of the seventh cranial nerve, which easily can be insulted during dissection and retraction in the region of the zygoma. Jan 01,  · Objective To evaluate deep-plane face-lift vs superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) plication face-lift in correcting the melolabial fold, jowl, and cheek areas of the face in short-term follow-up. Design Masked, randomized review by 4 board-certified facial plastic surgeons experienced in rhytidectomy of full-face (frontal, oblique, and lateral views) before-and-after photographs of 20 Cited by: