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Elongated labia (also known as Sinus pudoris or macronympha and albeit nonmedically, as khoikhoi apron or hottentot apron), are a feature of certain Khoikhoi people, whose female members develop relatively elongated labia minora, hanging up to four inches outside their vulva when they are standing in an upright position. The "apron" designation was apparently gained from the tendency of early. Sara Baartman (Afrikaans: [ˈsɑːrɐ ˈbɑːrtman]; also spelled Sarah, sometimes in the diminutive form Saartje ([ˈsɑːrtʃi]), or Saartjie and Bartman, Bartmann; s – 29 December ): was the best known of at least two South African Khoikhoi women who, due to their large buttocks, were exhibited as freak show attractions in 19th-century Europe under the name Hottentot Venus Born: s–, Near Gamtoos River, Eastern .

It was soon apparent that the strange structure of the female external genitalia was normal among Khoisanids, though Fritsch, a distinguished authority on South African peoples, understated the hypertrophy of the labia minora, and considered (wrongly) that those of the ‘Hottentot . Saartjie Sarah Baartman also known as the `hottentot Venus’ was a famous khokhoi woman exhibited as a freak show attraction in Europe during the 19th century. Born to Khoisan family near the Author: Andile Smith.

Hottentot apron In , French anatomist Georges Cuvier declared, ‘there is nothing more celebrated in natural history than the Hottentot apron, and at the same time there is nothing which has been the object of such great argumentation.’ The subject of speculation throughout Europe since the seventeenth century, the Hottentot apron has gone by many names: tablier and joyeau in French. Apr 23,  · My College Senior Documentary Project Rust College. The Degrading of A Black Woman The Sara Baartman Story (Hottentot Venus).

Sep 13, Explore djacademe's board "Baartman, Saartjie - "The Hottentot Venus"", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Black history, Venus and African american history. Mar 02,  · male genitalia size and female buttock size Human Biodiversity. Genetics & Evolution. Physical Anthropology. to gain access to the vagina, past the large buttocks during sexual intercourse. (Whites/Caucasoids) - Medium-Length adapted penis, Hottentot means stutterer, and was a Dutch term for Bushmen or San/Khoisan.