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I am a 36D and I’m surprised a lot of women on here said they don’t feel like they get treated differently because of the size of their boobs. I definitely do, not always in a good way though. I don’t get back pain or back problems. However, somet. What does it feel like to have breasts and a vagina? They couldn't explain it as they are used to having them there. Breasts are fun and bouncy, a vagina is a monthly thing is a right pain. See more of what you like on The Student Room. You can personalise what you see on TSR. Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

Mar 03,  · What's it like to have breasts? They have a consistency similar to fat but not quite fat. It's hard to describe. They definitely have their own mass and center of gravity, and it's easy to tell this when one tries to run or walk quickly down stairs. Sep 29,  · I have big boobs. It is my gift, and, like Spider-Man, it is also my curse. Unlike Spider-Man, I do not use my boobs to fight crime. I mean, I haven't yet, but there's always time to change my Author: Rebecca Jane Stokes.

I have back problems already, and carrying boulders with my shoulders doesn’t help. They are a legitimate medical concern. So mostly, I joke about having the boobs that ate Toronto, and I take their comedically large size with a heavy dose of humor and self-deprecation. I’m grateful that despite their size, I have healthy, functional breasts. Sex: They feel incredible! I can't even describe but it's like they hold and extend my own sensuality like it fills my breasts up and glows out of them. Especially if they're jiggling and shaking then they're a physical reminder of themselves and my sexuality. Home > Sexual Health > Girls: What's it like to have boobs? Most Helpful Opinion.

Jul 22,  · Yes first of all strange question but ill answer since you sound decent lol All my life i couldnt wait to get breasts and when i finally got them i was like omg they are too small i hated them, it is only now, after having my son, that I have grown to like them and enjoy aladura.infoers: 2.