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Utilize ESCORT software to enhance your drive. Get the most out of your detector using our software products. Download Detector Tools Register your ESCORT Product Activate Defender Database Join the VIP Experience. Subscribe to be a VIP Exclusive member, and receive up to $50 off your next eligible order. First Name. Sep 30,  · In this video Radar Roy shares with you how you update your Escort radar detector's firmware and Defender photo enforcement database using the Radar Tools program. For more information about Radar.

Escort Radar has the highest quality radar detectors and premium automotive accessories available to help you, our customer, avoid speeding tickets. Jul 24,  · Bundle Includes Escort PASSPORT S75g High Performance Radar and Laser Detector Slip-Free Car Mat 1 Year Extended Warranty Blistering All-Band Protection PASSPORT delivers the best protection on all bands including conventional and "instant /5(24).

Aug 07,  · RDF is a discussion forum centered around radar detectors, laser jammers, police speed enforcement tactics and related information. Jul 30,  · How To Reset An Escort Radar Detector To Factory Defaults This entry was posted on July 30, by Rick. If you ever had a problem with your Escort radar detector or simply wanted it back to the way it was when you first took it out of the box, a reset may be what you are looking for.

May 31,  · Re: No sound in my ix Well, i found out (from a Escort rep) that ANY self-powered speaker you plug the detector into has an extremely high chance of blowing the circuit. That was my mistake, now I am paying $ for a repair.