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thumb palmar abduction - Thumb Abduction

Mar 03,  · Thumb palmar abduction ElaineOTS. Loading Unsubscribe from ElaineOTS? Motions Of The Thumb - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim - Duration: Thumb Abduction. The movement, occurring only at the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint, brings the thumb away from the palm. Be aware that practitioners refer to thumb abduction in a plane 90 degrees to the palm as palmar abduction. Movement of the thumb away from the palm, but in the plane of the palm is referred to both as extension and radial abduction.

Abduction of the thumb is defined as the movement of the thumb anteriorly, a direction perpendicular to the palm. The abductor pollicis brevis does this by acting across both the carpometacarpal joint and the metacarpophalangeal joint. It also assists in opposition and extension of the Superficial palmar arch. Results Mean active and passive palmar abduction measured with the Pollexograph thumb was 62° (range, 40° to 76°). The range of motion of the Pollexograph metacarpal was smaller (mean 49°, range, 32° to 64°). The mean Inter Metacarpal Distance was 50 mm (range, 36–70 mm).Cited by:

Palmar aspect of 1 st CMC joint: Ventral midline of radius using ventral surface of radial head & styloid for reference: Ventral midline of 1 st metacarpal: Carpometacarpal (Thumb) Abduction. Sitting, forearm in 0 0 supination-pronation, wrist in 0 0 flexion, extension, radial & ulnar flexion. Normal Range of Motion Reference Values. Normal Range of Motion Reference Values. Typical Range of Motion: Elbow: Extension/Flexion: 0/ Forearm: Pronation/Supination: 70/ Wrist: Extension/Flexion: 70/ Radial\Ulnar: 20/ Thumb basal joint: Palmar Adduction/Abduction: Contact/ Radial Adduction/Abduction: Contact/ Thumb.

1. The thumb's MP and CMC joints abduct and adduct in a plane perpendicular to the palm. Some therapists also refer to abduction as "palmar abduction." 2. The thumb's MP and CMC joints flex and extend in a plane parallel to the palm. Some therapists refer to extension as "radial abduction," because the thumb moves toward the hand's radial side. palmar abduction is equivalent to this is when the thumb both abducts and goes forward. this is when the thumb simply abducts. it does not go forward. it is closer to the radius than it is to the palm. the fulcrum of the goniometer is at the CMC joint.