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Gion. Gion is a traditional entertainment district lying north and south of Shijo Street, and stretching from the Kamo-gawa River in the west, as far as Yasaka-jinja Shrine in the east. Originally, this shrine was called Gion Shrine, and the entertainment area developed here to . Oct 10,  · Kyoto: The Geisha District Of Gion. Paul / 10 October, / Paul Gion, Kyoto is one of the most well known Geisha districts in Japan, with beautifully preserved architecture and traditional customs and entertainment. The streets of Gion are characterised by old wooden townhouses (machiya) which contain teahouses (ochaya), shops.

May 29,  · The Gion-Geisha district is Kyoto's most famous area to see Geisha and Maiko dressed in beautiful Kimono walking in public. Nestled between the Yasaka Shrine and the Kamo River, this district is a popular spot for tourists from around the world hoping to see a real geisha.