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Jul 28,  · Trump risks alienating Asian-Americans, a rising voting force. Asian-Americans notice that," Rep. Ted Lieu of California told CNBC. "If someone's racist, it's not just to one group, it's to Author: Jacob Pramuk. Does Obama Have an Asian Problem? In California, where Asian-Americans make up 8% of the electorate When CNN's Anderson Cooper ran a piece by Gary Tuchman earlier this month implying that racism may play a role in Asians' voting choice, the outcry was instantaneous. The Initiative, a political action committee seeking to.

Oct 16,  · A California congressional race reveals political divisions in the Asian-American community that Asian Americans preferred Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump Voting Author: Sara Sadhwani. As an Indian male I go through racism on a daily basis. Not just me, but many Indian and Asian men go through this. But through our experience we know how strongly whites detest anyone who acknowledges this. Their take is, if you don't like it her.

Aug 06,  · How the Rules of Racism Are Different For Asian Americans. August 6, by Matthew Salesses 80 Comments. of course the rules of racism are different for Asians . Aug 13,  · The Extreme Racism Of Many Asian Women In California nowman Loading Unsubscribe from nowman48? Racism to Asians in the Bay Area (Interview) - Duration:

Apr 18,  · Trump Lost More Of The Asian-American Vote Than National Exit Poll Showed Less than one-fifth of voters in the fastest-growing racial group in the . Aug 12,  · From talking to PhilEulogy, I see they haven't changed at all. Still racist as hell. No surprise there!!!