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When the Asian needle ant eliminates the native species or reduces their abundance, many roles, like seed dispersal and predation of forest pests, are left unfilled. IDENTIFICATION. The Asian needle ant is a medium-to-small-sized ant, with workers and queens measuring to mm (1/5″) in length. Jan 05,  · Photo courtesy of NC State. The Asian Needle Ant likely arrived in the southeastern United States in They can be found in both open and forested area, and nest under wood debris (including mulch). Their colonies are much smaller than fire ants, ranging from dozens to thousands of ant; their colonies are flat and do not appear like.

Asian needle ants look innocent but they pack a painful sting (Image: Benoit Guenard) There's a new invasive ant species on the block and it could mean big trouble for people and the environment. The Asian needle ant has been in the U.S. since the s, but their population has exploded in . Apr 30,  · [Ant Control Issue] March of the Asian Needle Ant Features - Cover Feature: Ant Control Issue. Researchers at North Carolina State University have discovered that the invasive Argentine ant may have met its match in the form of another invasive ant species — the Asian needle PCT Magazine.

When Asian needle ants move into a forest, other ant species like winnow ants, acrobat ants, little black ants and thief ants all pack their bags and move out, pulling the forest apart at the seams (Guenard and Dunn , Rodriguez-Cabal et al. ). Asian needle ants make life miserable for other species.