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premium economy virgin - Review: Virgin Atlantic (787-9) Premium Economy, LHR to EWR

Treat yourself to Premium. It's the little touches here and there that help you truly enjoy your time in the air. Those extra few inches of space, a glass of bubbly as you board, and a tasty meal served on china crockery with proper cutlery. May 05, 2019 · 7. Economy Vs Premium Economy: Seat Dimensions. Virgin’s Premium Economy seat dimensions are 18-21 inches seat width, 38 inches leg room, while Virgin’s Economy offers a “generous” width of up to 17 inches, with seat pitch or legroom of up to 31 inches.

Jun 10, 2019 · Over 20 years ago, Virgin Atlantic introduced something found nowhere else in the sky, a Premium Economy cabin. It resided somewhere between the increasingly rich perks of business class (Upperclass, in Virgin lingo) and steerage. In hindsight, the concept seems obvious. If . Apr 13, 2019 · Virgin said this week that its new Airbus premium economy seats have a seatback screen size of 13.3 inches compared to 11.6 inches in economy, but not Author: Patrick Collinson.

Jan 31, 2019 · The seat is decent and provides all the expected mod-cons for comfort and working. Having experienced most of the major European airline Premium Economy cabins, Virgin Atlantic sits well alongside the best of them – however, this is with the caveat that this flight was on the airline’s newer Boeing 787-9 aircraft.