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post menopause and facial hair - Menopause Facial Hair Growth: Why It Happens and What To Do

Menopause ushers in many changes in your body. While no longer having monthly periods may come as a welcome change, growth of some facial hair on your chin or upper lip usually isn't. Troubling as it may be, sprouting sparse facial hair after menopause is not unusual, and there are several treatment. How do I prevent growing facial hair in menopause? Growth of facial hair during menopause is typically caused by an increase in the ratio of androgen (testosterone) to estrogen. This does not necessarily point to a problem, but the increase in facial hair can be bothersome.

Many post-menopausal women experience an increased amount of facial hair growth. Most of the new facial hair grows due to lessened estrogen levels in a woman’s system or increased levels of androgen or testosterone--male hormones that encourage the growth of facial hair. Mar 10,  · Last week, a reader sent in a comment in response to one of our stories: I entered menopause at the age of 58; I’ll be 61 in April. My biggest complaint—and no one I know seems to share this—is a sudden abundance of light facial hair! Not just an occasional wild hair on my chin, but a .

What to do about facial hair growth during menopause “Nothing” is a totally legitimate choice here. There’s nothing dangerous about a few extra chin hairs, after all. But if it bothers you, there are things you can do to remove the hair or minimize its appearance. Oct 16,  · For half of all women, menopause symptoms include hair loss, while up to 15 percent have unwanted facial hair. Learn what can help both Marie Suszynski.

In fact, one study found that almost 40% of women age 45 and older have an excess of facial hair growth, especially on the chin. According to another study, it is very likely you will experience unwanted facial hair after menopause. Causes of Unwanted Facial Hair After Menopause. Just like men, women have hair follicles all over their Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi. Unwanted Facial Hair Many women wonder about the relationship between menopause and unwanted facial hair. In fact, at MenopauseRx, approximately 40% of women who have registered with us tell us that unwanted facial hair is one of their frustrations with menopause.