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The movie, "Thumbsucker" had this web site in their movie credits, and well known personalities have "come out" and admitted what they'd never admit years ago. The acronym, ATS (Adult Thumb Sucking), is now known and used in dental schools and all over the Net. Oct 11,  · In fact, it's considered completely unsophisticated for an adult man pushing 30 to unwind after a long day with a nice thumb sucking. Sheesh!. Well, I'm not going to stand idly by while all of you dry-thumbs look down your noses at me and the rest of the adult thumb sucking community.

Jun 28,  · Adults thumb-sucking: One in ten do it, but what are the reasons behind it? by Craig Campbell. Some of the folk there have claimed that constant thumb . Thumb sucking is common in babies and is said to actually begin in utero. Meant as a comforting gesture that mimics the endorphin rush brought on by breastfeeding, the habit should gradually Author: Judith Mwobobia.

Aug 12,  · Adult thumb sucking is usually unrelated to an individual's level of maturity and degree of success in life. Because it gives them a positive feeling and can usually be done in privacy, many individuals don't have a desire to stop thumb sucking. However, others do decide to quit, sometimes because they find that the behavior lowers their self. Jan 26,  · adult thumb sucking. Submitted by Susan Heitler Ph.D. on January 27, - pm. Some years back (in the 's) the Wall Street Journal did a story on adult thumbsucking.