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Successfully marketing to adult students requires a college or university to go beyond simply having resources available. Those resources must be optimized to enhance the student’s experience, and designed in such a way that they felt understood. With a majority of college students falling into. Regis educates about 15, students. The adult education at Regis is delivered in accelerated 5 and 8-week terms that start six times a year. Their College of Professional Studies helps adult learners find the right degree, learning format (online, on campus, directed learning, or a combination) and time frame.

Recognize the Emotions of Adult Learners and Non-Traditional Students. From an emotional perspective, many adult learners do not approach returning to college to complete a degree with the same motivation or enthusiasm of an year old looking for a 4-year residential experience. May 23,  · In an increasingly crowded market, COE units must build and cultivate a differentiated identity. Use our infographic to leverage over 75 strategies to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to adult students.

Learn how we can help you target and enroll prospective adult learner, graduate, and non-traditional student populations with strategic direct marketing campaigns. Adult Learner Survey We surveyed 1, current and prospective students of graduate, online, certificate, and undergraduate degree completion programs. May 06,  · 10 Tips for Successful College Marketing. Last updated on May 6, I was laying in bed at night and thought about where I can help society. And I realized people would appreciate my knowledge in how to get college students attention in a polite way or "permission" as my homie Seth G I racked my brain, ate tons of cheap pizza, did my work really late at night, spent way too .

– Internal: The institution’s perspective vs. adult learner perspective for each scale – External: Your team’s and your students’ ratings vs. students and teams at other institutions that have used ALFI • The data identifies strengths and challenges – Market the strengths to differentiate your institution. Marketing to college students and teens also has its own unique challenges. The Mobile Generation. One thing that differentiates this generation of Marketing to College Students and Young Adults from the ones before it is the mobile nature of their lives.