Should Juveniles Be Charged as Adults in the Criminal Justice System? - juviniles should be tried as adults


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May 31,  · Should juveniles be tried as adults? This is a tough one to follow through considering that there are several arguments to put forth on both sides. The following article will try and highlight both these sides so that you get a clear picture of the argument at Rujuta Borkar. Cons of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults. 1. Put Young Offenders At High Risk One of the biggest problems of a young offender being tried as an adult is the fact that they could possibly be sent to an adult correctional facility. This is a very dangerous situation, especially if they are very young. Many of these juveniles lack the maturity to Author: Flow Psychology Editor.

Jul 12,  · Across the United States, hundreds of young juvenile criminals are facing life in prison as the debate over whether juveniles should be tried as adults rages HUMA KHAN. Following the tough on crime era, the practice of trying youth as adults has become much more common in recent years. Between and , the number of juveniles in adult jails went up by nearly percent. Around , youth are tried, sentenced or incarcerated as.

Aug 06,  · List of Cons of Juveniles Being Tried as Adults. 1. Minors will be put at risk Similar to the concern of the lawyer and families of the Wisconsin girls, young offenders are at risk of being sent to an adult correctional facility if they are tried in an adult Crystal Ayres. Juveniles Should Be Tried as Adults in Certain Circumstances Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults?, Mary Onelia Estudillo has written several articles for The Guardian, the student newspaper of the University of California at San Diego. The juvenile justice system was originally created to provide individualized rehabilitation to.

Minors should be tried as adults because they made the same mistakes as adults. If they had the guts to break the law they should have the responsibility to face what they did. Age does not matter because its just a number. What matters the most is for justice to be served how its supposed to be.