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Thursday, July 24, ADULT BABY WORLD-INFANTILISM. Posted by Ms Piper at AM 1 comment: Thursday, July 17, PIPER'S WORLD OF INFANTILISM. & dream of wearing your diapers. sucking on bottles and passifiers, playing with toys and wearing cute little adult baby sleepers. Adult Baby Source Family Album. Here you can download and save all the exclusive content you may have missed when it was in our Members Area. All content has previously been in the ABS Members area and will not be returned. Photo sets (except for July-Dec ) are zip filed for easy downloading. Each set has 50+ Hi Res x images).

July - December ALBUM ENTRY. Back to Main Page. Mail Order Option: All Adult Baby Source sets uploaded to the members area between July and December Only one payment for 60 days. NO REBILLING Each set has 50+ Hi Res x images) Videos are + secs each. Adult Contemporary is a chart published by Billboard ranking the top-performing songs in the United States in the adult contemporary music (AC) genre. In , six different songs topped the chart in 52 issues of the magazine, based on weekly airplay data from .

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