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HOPE Scholarship is a merit-based award available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated academic achievement. A HOPE Scholarship recipient must graduate from high school with a minimum grade point average (as calculated by GSFC) and maintain a minimum cumulative postsecondary grade point average to remain eligible. Be in good standing on all student loans or other financial aid programs; Be in compliance with the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of ; Not have exceeded the maximum award limits for any HOPE program. Program Eligibility To receive HOPE Scholarship funding, students must: Meet one of the following academic requirements.

HOPE Scholarship. Georgia's HOPE Scholarship is available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated academic achievement. The scholarship provides money to assist students with the educational costs of attending a HOPE eligible postsecondary institution located in Georgia.. Frequently Asked Questions about the HOPE Scholarship. A student who is otherwise eligible for the HOPE Scholarship but instead enrolls in an out-of-state regionally accredited postsecondary institution either immediately following high school graduation or up to 16 months immediately following high school graduation may transfer to an eligible Tennessee postsecondary institution as a degree seeking student and receive the HOPE Scholarship as.

Aug 13,  · A student that is ineligible to receive the HOPE scholarship pursuant to this paragraph but who received the HOPE scholarship during the academic year shall continue to be eligible for the HOPE scholarship until June 30, , as long as such student . The HOPE Program (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) created in under the supervision of Georgia Governor Zell Miller, is Georgia's scholarship and grant program that rewards students with financial assistance in degree, diploma, and certificate programs at eligible Georgia public and private colleges and universities, and public technical colleges.

The faculty scholarship is for in-state students with a composite ACT score between or SAT reading and math score of The award is renewable for 4 years, up to hours. It is the student's responsibility to notify the JSU Scholarship Office if you score higher. Oct 24,  · How to Apply for HOPE Scholarship. If you qualify for HOPE, you must still apply for it, even if you have received an eligibility certificate. If the student only wants to receive the HOPE Scholarship, then they may complete the GSFAPP.. If the student wants to receive HOPE in addition to Federal Aid, such as grants and/or student loans, then the student must complete the Free .