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Chykka Adult. After Samus damages Chykka enough, it will momentarily disappear before returning in its adult form. The Chykka Adult will attack Samus by ramming and by firing massive bursts of dark water. In order to damage it Samus must first stun it by using beam weapons; all Missile attacks will deflect off Game(s): Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Fortunately, Dark and Normal Chykka forms share the same health bar. Dark Chykka will appear when Adult Chykka has lost 1/4 of its health. It will revert back to normal Chykka at 1/2, and then once more back to Dark Chykka at 3/4 depletion.

Nov 21, 2004 · Chykka Adult Strategy: Man this guy is hard! any hints would be appreciated!TIA!. Jan 02, 2017 · Chykka Adult (only the light form) regenerates health 1 frame after you damage it, and Cannon Ball does enough (way more than enough) to kill it. Cannon Ball does 500,000 damage per frame, so if Chykka had 500,001 health, it would not work. Additionally, as far as I'm aware, Chykka Adult (light) is the only boss that is not immune to Cannon Ball.

Chykka adult by kritken Watch. Fan Art / Digital Art / Drawings / Games ©2013-2019 kritken. Yeah I bet you remember my first drawing. Well once you manage to beat Chykka in it's larval stage, it quickly grows to the adult form. So here ya go, chykka adult from the game metroid prime 2 echoes. The Adult fight in 100% is more interactive than the Any% fight, as you do not use Cannonball, and you also do not have Seeker Missiles up to this point. Strategy.

Most bosses aren't vulnerable to that morph ball damage, but Adult Chykka is for some reason. There's more to it, but someone else can probably explain better than me. This glitch is also part of what makes 6% possible in the first place: it allows you to the Quadraxis skip .