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“Funding for adult education is critical to our nation’s success,” said Musgrave. “We must include everyone in helping them to achieve their educational goals, and we need to prepare them for life, for a career, and for college no matter where they are in their educational journey.”. May 08,  · Adult Learners' Traits. Self-direction Adults feel the need to take responsibility for their lives and decisions and this is why it’s important for them to have control over their aladura.infoore, self-assessment, a peer relationship with the instructor, multiple options and initial, yet subtle support are all Author: Christopher Pappas.

As an adjunct professor for an online-only graduate school course, I have found myself contemplating the retention rate of adult e-learners. What are the predictors of adult students' success in online learning environments? Is there a difference in undergraduate versus graduate online learners and their motivations? Does age play a factor? Adult learners who experience academic success in higher education tend to gain economic and personal benefits, which most likely provide social, political, and economic benefits for the broader society (Ritt ). Multiple Roles of Adult Learners.

, Digest of Education Statistics , Table Participation rate of persons, 17 years old and over, in adult education during the previous 12 months, by selected characteristics of participants: Selected years, through ; , Digest of Education Statistics , Table A Better Deal for Returning Adults. Increase degree attainment by inviting adult learners back to complete their education, providing a redesigned system that offers accelerated courses, year-round enrollment and predictable schedules that fit their busy lives.

to address the unique needs of adult learners within an integrated culture (Stripling, ). Its Gateway to Success Program, a grant-funded initiative supported by the Council of Independent Colleges and the Walmart Foundation, offers a one credit course focused on building a framework for success for first generation students.