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May 20,  · How to Keep a Degu. A degu is a small rodent which comes from Chile. They are friendly, curious creatures and can make excellent pets. To keep a degu, make sure they have the right environment. A degu needs a spacious cage with plenty of Views: 48K. The common degu is a small animal with a body length of to cm (– in) and a weight of to g ( to oz). It has yellow-brown fur above and creamy-yellow below, with yellow around the eyes and a paler band around the Mammalia.

An adult degu’s weight can fluctuate from to grams (6 to 14 oz). [The average iPhone weighs between oz (regular) and 6 oz (Plus), so you can use that to imagine a degu’s average weight.] Degus have short legs with 5 toes on each foot, the fifth of which has a sharper nail at the end rather than a claw. In color, degus are a mix. 3. Introducing degu pups (newly weaned between weeks old) is a very different process than introducing a mature degu (over 8 weeks old). We'll come to this next, but be aware that it is far easier and quicker to introduce pups to an adult degu than introducing more adults. 4. The sex of the degus involved will affect the speed of introductions.

The life span of a degu is around five to nine years, although in the wild it’s only one to two years. An adult degu is around 15cm long and has a 15cm tail with a tuft at the end. Their coat is mid to dark brown with a light cream belly and white feet. Home comforts for .