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Find doctors who treat Circumcision in California. Circumcision. Circumcision is a procedure in which the foreskin, or loose tissue covering the glans of the penis, is removed. Cosmetic & General Surgery Center located in Sherman Oaks, Sherman Oaks, CA The surgeons at Beverly Oak Surgery offer adult circumcision services from the comfortable and modern office located in Sherman Oaks, California.5/5(4).

Circumcision for kids poses no problem at Gentle Circumcision. Our specialists have been performing circumcisions in this age group for over 10 years, using local anesthesia and achieving 3 day recovery time Learn more. California Adult Circumcision is part of the Alvarado La Mesa Urology Center. Dr. Bidair specializes in adult circumcisions and has been practicing urology for more than 20 years in San Diego, California.

Circumcision Specialist Los Angeles, Orange County - Pacific Coast Urology located in Los Alamitos, Huntington Beach, CA. Circumcision is a procedure that removes the foreskin that hangs over the head of the penis. Dr. Pugach specializes in adult male circumcision . Adult Circumcision at Our Surgical Clinic. In addition Dr. Nourparvar is the recipient of the prestigious UCLA Vice Provost Award, UCLA Vice Provost Prize, Motif Award & Top Performing Provider in Clinical Quality in Altamed. Adult & Teen Circumcision are performed according to .

Circumcision Surgery for Adults. Adult Circumcision is performed at the Gentle Procedures Clinics in Saskatoon, Regina and Swift Current, serving men from all over Saskatchewan. No hospital visit or doctor’s referral is required. With our combination of local anesthetic, our quick surgical technique, and our use of skin glue. Jan 19,  · Thank you for your interest in Pacific Urology. The newsroom is a comprehensive online resource for the media, containing the latest news coverage on Pacific Urology, as well as patient stories and recent press releases. Our physicians are expert sources on the latest urology news and information.