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Jul 05,  · Bleeding from your bellybutton can have several different causes. Three of the most likely causes are infection, a complication from portal hypertension, or primary umbilical endometriosis. Keep Author: Kelli Hansen, RN, CMCN, CSA, CDP. Aug 24,  · What Causes Belly Button Bleeding? The official name of the belly button is the umbilicus. It is what is left of the umbilical cord that we are all born with that delivered our nutrients while in the womb. 1. Infection of Skin in Belly Button. Having an infection of the belly button is the most common cause of bleeding or discharge.

An incidence of bleeding of belly button is often a sign that comes after an earlier symptoms of development of infection. A person might earlier have had a sign such as swelling and discoloration of skin, which is followed by the bleeding of belly button. Causes of bleeding from belly button. The main cause of navel bleeding is an. Belly Button Bleeding Photo from Med Health Daily Belly button bleeding is an unusual medical condition which can happen for both children and adults. It is the discharge of blood in the navel or the belly button because of several factors happening on the inside.

Causes of belly button bleeding. There are several unnoticed causes of bleeding from the navel. Let us take a look at the few of them: Skin Infection. Skin infection is the most common reason why you might be experiencing discharge from your navel. Belly button is one of the best places for bacteria and fungi to grow because they find a moist Author: Laran Joseph. May 01,  · Dirt, bacteria, fungus, and other germs can get trapped inside your belly button and start to multiply. This can cause an infection. You might notice white, yellow, brown, or bloody discharge Author: Stephanie Watson.

The most common cause of bleeding or drainage from the belly button (umbilicus) is an infection of the skin in the umbilicus. Like any skin surface, the skin of the umbilicus can become infection. In fact, it may be more likely to become infected because it is moist and . Jul 09,  · If your body does something unexpected, it's often a sign that something's wrong. One of the things that should never happen is bleeding from the belly button or navel. Belly button discharge is a highly unusual condition. Therefore, it's instructive to examine this situation more aladura.infos: 3.